My name is Brooke Kanani Kahealani Sachs and I am a jewelry designer and maker. My pieces are made by hand from start to finish, including clasps, hinges, and chains. I was trained in the lost wax method of casting, which began with my college studies in sculpture.

Many of my inspirations are derived from nature. I grew up on the beach yet also in the forest. Ever since I can remember I have been collecting natural objects that I viewed as beautiful. I now have a vehicle in which to showcase them. I am intrigued by the anthropomorphic quality of trees, the ripples in the sand that are left behind by the waves or wind, bones, shells, rocks, horseshoe crabs, seedpods, birds, animals, and many other things that we tend to take for granted in our demanding lives. The juxtaposition of these objects with the refined qualities of precious metals and stones is a way of paying homage to nature in a way that I truly see fit. Everyone can relate to these objects, they are everywhere if we slow down for a moment and take a look around.